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Culture wherever one goes

Halle has something other towns look for in vain: A cultural scene with flair and esprit. No matter whether theatre, cabaret, music hall, classic music or opera; museums, pub music or discos, Halle has much to offer when it comes to culture, and, due to the many students visiting the Martin-Luther-University and the Burg Giebichenstein Academy for art and design, has also vast creative potential.

One is able to discover many interesting things around and within the old houses. For example there is now a museum in Händel’s house of birth. The venerable Morizburg accommodates the Saxony-Anhalt Museum of Art with its valuable collection of classic modern art and in the Market-Church one is able to gaze in amazement at Martin Luther’s death mask. However, the town is able to offer much more.

Kulturinsel (Cultural Island)

The city centre is the centre of the many-sided cultural scene. It is here where the theatres can be found, for example, within the large house block between the Universiätsplatz (University Square) and the Großer Ulrichstraße one will find the Kulturinsel, which has a number of stages and ensembles. Only a few metres further on, to the north of the Joliot-Curie- Platz, one will find the Opera Hall.
At the Kulturinsel, which is unique within the German speaking area, both the European and world theatre gather on the large and smaller stages. The “new theatre” offers all types of dramatic art ranging from classic drama to theatrical farce.
Halle’s puppet theatre, which is at home here, has earned itself a cult status with the actors brilliantly combining old puppeteer traditions with avant-garde theatrical pleasure. Deriving from this is an international artists-theatre for all ages.

The other cultural aspects on offer at the island, the small galleries and the creative design of the aisles and yards together with the artists’ café and theatre pub, also provide a stimulating and exciting ambiance.


Halle “the music town’s” opera is of international repute. The works of the town’s “sons” do not just strike up during the Händel Festival. During each run the ensemble presents the master’s creations with an exemplary new production; this also applies to the new state orchestra.         


Further stages

There are other stage productions such as the Kulturreederie, which has given itself the task of providing all possible (small) art forms with a platform. The Saale town’s magnificent past and lively present are able to be reflected through the Thaila Theatre, the only youth theatre within Saxony-Anhalt.
Thousands of lights light up the “starry sky” of the completely renovated Steintor Varietés. A twinkling lead-up for large shows, banquets, musicals or rock and pop concerts in the oldest German revue theatre, or, in the Georg-Friedrich-Händel HALL(E), one the newest event houses in the country.


Kunstmuseum Stiftung Moritzburg (Arts Museum – Moritzburg Foundation)

Halle’s largest art gallery, the Stiftung Moritzburg Art Museum Saxony Anhalt, was named after the time honoured walls within which it is situated. New halls have been and are being built to harbour its treasures. Priceless paintings ranging from the Renaissance to modern art, sculptures and rare porcelain, coins and early photographs of arts and crafts, all attract thousands of visitors year for year. 


Franckesche Stiftungen (Franckesche Foundation)

The orphanage founded in the year 1700 by August Hermann Francke, with its subsequent framework building ensemble, also Europe’s larges framework house, is a remarkable cultural monument at European level with it being included on the list for selection as a world cultural heritage. Even today the Franckeschen Stiftung is seen as a scientific and cultural, pedagogic and social facility, which continues Francke’s legacy under modern conditions. In the historical orphanage numerous cultural-historical permanent and also varying exhibitions, and, also the Freylinghausen-Saal with its concerts and scientific events, invite one to pay a visit. There are also regular events for children in the “Krokoseum” children’-creative-centre.  


Galleries and Art

This also applies to the wide scene of small galleries, among others, the Talstraße Art Society (Registered), which can be found in all districts. During all private art previews on their premises, it becomes clear that due to the Burg Giebichenstein Academy for arts and design, Halle is a location where young artists, who enjoy experimenting, have a good climate to work in.