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Halle’s City Centre – Numerous Shopping Streets

Fashion shops, furnishing, art – Halle’s city centre has almost everything the heart desires. Located centrally between the railway station, the Franckeschen Stiftungen and the Moritzburg are large department stores and small boutiques.

Market Square and Leipziger Straße

While in particular large department stores are located around the market square, the lower part of the Leipziger Straße accommodates Halle’s fashion centre, with many well known fashion companies having their boutiques here. At the upper side of the Leipzier-Tower there are many smaller shops, boutiques and clothing shops. Here it is well worth taking a look down the small passages branching off the precinct.

 Kleinschmieden & Große Ulrichstraße

Over the past few years two large modern shopping centres have been built to the north of the market square on the corner of Kleinschmieden and slightly further on in the Großen Ulrichstraße. Numerous fashion and sport businesses have settled down in these centres. In addition to this on both sides of the Großen Ulrichstraße, there are numerous other shops and department stores offering goods ranging from perfume through photo-technology to small boutiques for young and trendy fashions. At the rear end of the street passers-by are able to purchase carefully prepared jewellery, get fitted out for the next hiking trip, and, in special bookshops purchase books about travelling.

Schmeerstraße, Alter Markt & Rannische Straße

Further small shops can be found along these three adjoining streets. There are fashion shops, an optician, the bookshop and a gallery. These influence this area’s character and make it a tastefully arranged part of the Halle city centre.


Kleine Ulrichstraße

However, anyone looking for a nice selection of graphic arts and pottery should keep their eyes open along the Kleine Ulrichstraße. This street close to the Moritzburg is a street dominated by art. Small galleries and arts and crafts businesses have become established both here and along the neighbouring side streets. Adjacent one will find a row of small businesses selling such things as children’s toys made of wood and tin or fine chocolate and boxes of chocolates. In addition to this visitors to the Kleine Ulrichstraße will also find fashion shops, jewellery and antiques and even modern kitchen furnishings.

Große Steinstraße

Apart from the traditional Halle businesses, along the Große Steinstraße one will find a bookshop, a cosy teashop and a few metres further along a bicycle shop. Along the side streets – the Barfüßer – and the Mittelstraße – one will find a small gallery and shops selling hiking equipment. At the top end of the Steinstraße beyond the Joliot-Curie-Platz a fashion boutique and gift and sports shop have set up business.

Hallmarkt & Talamtstraße

The Hallmarkt located just to the west of the market square is not an attraction merely because of the Göbelbrunnen (Göbel Fountain). The Talamtstraße, which runs along here, has over the past few years developed into a small shopping street. In particular this street is the location of a number of fashion boutiques and also a shoe shop and a Hifi shop. Last but not least there are two traditional Halle businesses here: a cigar shop and a rubber stamp shop.