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Information concerning data protection

We would like to point out that data will be recorded when visiting and making use of the Halle website under, the Data Protection Act will thereby be taken into consideration. With regard to the manner, extent and purpose of data collection and the processing and use of data, we would like to make you aware of the following:


1.   What is personal data?

According to the National and Federal State Data Protection Act, personal data includes personal or factual circumstances of a given person. Such data includes, for example, name, address, telephone number and email address in the case of the person’s name being included. Which data of a given person is able to be recorded by other persons for which period of time, depends on each individuals confidentiality (the constitutional right to information and self-determination) and consent.


2. What is user data and how is it processed?

When you call up a web page, information concerning your browser will be transmitted to the pages internet provider. This also applies when calling up, with date being transmitted to IT-Consult Halle GmbH.
This data is recorded in a so called log-file.


The following data is recorded:

  • Name of the file called up.
  • Date and time of the call-up.
  • Amount of data transmitted.
  • Report to whether the call-up was successful.
  • Description of the type of browser put to use.
  • Requesting Domain.

The data is collected for statistical purposes only. The data is not passed on to third parties.


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3. Does the Halle Administrative Authority use cookies?

Principally, the Halle (Saale) administrative authority does not make use of cookies. One will be informed in the case of cookies being put to use.

Further information concerning cookies:


4. How is personal data transmitted in the case of electronic offers? 

The Halle (Saale) Administrative Authority provides forms and electronic services. Data entered concerning your person is always transmitted in encrypted form. The type of encryption, the data collected and the purpose of storage will be pointed out in the electronic application’s context.

Encryption makes it very difficult for unauthorised persons to spy on transmitted data. For this reason it is highly unlikely that anyone will be able to read such data transmitted via the internet. However, we would still like to point out that data transmission via the internet may still have security risks. For this reason it is advisable to use other forms of communication if matters are of special confidentiality.


5. What about personal data when sending emails?

Emails are swift and simple to use but not secure. The subject matter can be read or tampered with by unauthorised persons without the sender realising. For this reason for your own safety it is better to refrain from sending confidential information via the internet in such an open manner.

We recommend that confidential information is sent by customary methods (mail, fax, telephone) only.

At the moment the Halle (Saale) Administrative Authority does not have a “virtual post office” available, which means it is not possible to send or receive encrypted emails and documents with qualified electronic signatures.


6. Data Protection Registrar

The Halle (Saale) Administrative Authority Data Protection Registrar has the task of providing advice for and controlling the regulations for data protection within the town’s administrative body. She is the central contact person for all enquiries concerning data protection rights in connection with the Halle (Saale) Administrative Authority and the town’ citizens.


Datenschutzbeauftragter der Stadt Halle (Saale)
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