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Alternative Course of Education

The alternative course of education is a course of education for those who have not been able to acquire the school leaving certificate they require whilst visiting the standard schools. Here they are provided with a second chance of acquiring the necessary certificates.


The Kolleg is a municipal facility, which enables one to acquire the “Certificate of Aptitude for Higher Education”. In general schooling will last for a period of three years. The requirements for acceptance are completed vocational training, or as the case may be, experience in occupational life and the right to access higher classes. Here one will leave with the certificate of advanced education.

Evening Intermediate School

This is a facility for adults with employment. Men and women have the possibility of acquiring lower secondary or intermediate certificates. The school must be visited for a period of two years and is divided into semesters. Lessons are held during the evening.

Evening Grammar School

Such as at the evening intermediate school the evening grammar school provides adults with the possibility of acquiring an educational certificate, here the advanced level certificate. In general schooling will last for three years and is also divided into semesters. Requirements for acceptance are completed vocational training and the right to access higher classes.

The first year is run as a year of introduction. The semesters are similar to those at a grammar school with course phases.