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Grammar Schools

At the moment there are eight grammar schools in the town on the river Saale:

  • Four communal grammar school,
  • One grammar school supported by the state.
  • Two grammar schools with emphasis on: Sport (Organisationally merged with the sport secondary school). Mathematics – Natural Science.
  • One independent grammar school.

The grammar school supported by the state and two of the communal grammar schools are run also with an approved emphasis (E.g. mathematics – natural science; linguistic or artistic orientation.

The grammar schools in Halle do not belong to catchment areas.

Terms of admission

Pupils are accepted for the 5th year at a grammar school on recommendation of their primary school. Pupils without recommendation may take a general aptitude test if requested by their parents.

Class levels and fields of selection

Classes at grammar schools run from the 5th until the 12 year. Higher education provides in-depth general education and the requirements for entrance to further education at a university. Grammar schools may be run with set priorities with the approval of the education authority.

The advanced level examination is taken during the 12th year. Grammar schools are made up of:

  • The 5th to 9th years (Secondary level)
  • The 10th to 12th years (Senior classes)
  • The 10th year (Introductory level)
  • The 11th and 12th years (Course level)

Senior classes include an optional selection of lessons. Pupils are able to select basic and special subjects to match their abilities and interests and build them up to their personal “main advanced level subjects”.