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Primary Schools

At the moment Halle (Saale) has 37 primary schools, 32 of these are communal schools, five are independent.

According to § 41 Absatz 1 Schulgesetz LSA (Education Act) the municipal area is divided into school catchment areas.

Enrolment dates

Children who have reached the age of six by the 30th of June are of school age meaning that they are eligible for school the following year and must therefore be registered for schooling. The registration deadline will be made public as an “official notice” in the Halle (Saale) official journal.

Children who have reached the age of five by the 30th of June may be enrolled prematurely. Schooling will become compulsory if the child is accepted.

School registration

The parents or legal guardians of children reaching school age will receive an invitation from the school authority (Schulverwaltungsamt). This invitation will provide exact details of the primary school the child has to be introduced to. One must take along the following:

  • Birth Certificate or
  • The family register.
  • If necessary the address of the child’s day nursery.

Official medical check-up

The primary school will report the registered child to the “Child and Youth Health Service” and make an appointment for its medical check-up. The “Child and Youth Health Service” will decide upon the state of the child’s physical, mental and emotional health and also its stage of development. The health report will be documented and sent to the school concerned.

Special Support

The school will discuss the child’s stage of development with its parents or legal guardians thereby taking its medical report into consideration. If necessary the school will provide advice about the possibility of special support.

Responsibility for support

Measures to either prevent learning disorders or to support special abilities will be taken in the case of development disadvantages, impairment or even a specially ability being diagnosed during the medical check-up. The authority responsible is the lower education authority at the Halle State Administrative Authority.

Decision of acceptance

The school’s head master or head mistress will decide whether the child is to be enrolled. The head master or head mistress will inform the child’s parents or legal guardians in written form that the child has been accepted.

If there are doubts about regular school enrolment, it is possible to withdraw from enrolment or skip the first year of schooling by going through a process of special pedagogic support.

Subsequent to primary school

Depending on their abilities all pupils will be sent to the next stage of schooling after successfully completing the 4th year of primary school. The primary school will send all parents and legal guardians a binding recommendation for the choice of further education.