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Comprehensive Schools

Comprehensive schools are an alternative to the traditional “three-member” school system. They are schools where the different types of education are all carried out in one school and not in individual schools. Subsequent to completing the 10th year one is able to carry on with senior classes whilst other pupils move on to carry out vocational training in other facilities.

At the moment Halle (Saale) has three communal comprehensive schools and one independent school.

The comprehensive school provides lessons for pupils as of the 5th year. Comprehensive schools are run either as integrative or cooperative schools.

The integrative comprehensive school (ICS)

The ICS forms a pedagogic and organisational unit. It makes lessons for a differentiated education system for all secondary and upper secondary certificates without allocation to a certain type of school possible. Lessons are carried out as a class. As from the 9th year it is possible to either set up a separate upper class branch or to continue lessons as a class.

The cooperative comprehensive school (CCS)

The CSS merges the pedagogic and organisational aspects of secondary and grammar schools. Lessons are mainly carried out in classes depending on the type of schooling. School leaving certificates comply with those of either secondary or grammar schools.