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Secondary Education

In Halle there are seven municipal secondary schools, one independent secondary school and one with emphasis on sport (organisationally connected to the sport grammar school)

The secondary schools have been assigned to the primary school areas. Applications to visit schools outside of your school catchment area must be placed with the Landesverwaltungsamt (State Administrative Office) Halle.

Secondary schools follow primary schools as schools of further education. They provide the Certificate of Secondary Education and with the approval of the education authorities may be run as schools with emphasis on particular subjects. They provide schooling for pupils visiting the 5th to 10th years and are oriented on acquiring the Lower Secondary or Intermediate Certificate.

During the 5th and 6th years lessons for all pupils have the same compulsory content and offers for the development of special interests, capabilities and performance improvement. The pupils and their parents or legal guardians receive orientation for further education.

As of the 7th year the curriculum will vary depending on the type of qualification. Here one has the choice of the Lower Secondary Certificate or Intermediate Certificate.

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