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Special Schools

Special schools serve the purpose of educating children with disabilities who are not able to be sufficiently supported in other schools. Depending on the extent of the disability, pupils are provided with therapy oriented lessons and in line with the pupil’s individual capabilities, all exams relevant for schools providing general education can be taken.

The generic term “Special School” includes eight different school types. To name a few there are schools for the blind, deaf, mentally handicapped and those with a speech defect.

On the basis of the Saxony-Anhalt Ministry for Cultural Affairs conceptual framework, commencing with the 2005/2006 school year, the school system for special schools is to go through the process of fundamental further development. The objective is the individual support of pupils through the further development of special schools (Sonderschulen will become Förderschulen, both are special schools) and the cooperative merging with standard schools as special support centres.

The following explains the situation of the 2008/2009 school year.

The school for children with learning disabilities

In general these schools include the 1st to 4th years (Primary) and 5th to 10th years (Secondary).

Such schools accept pupils who are seen to have long-term extensive and serious leaning disabilities, which in general cannot be rectified in normal schools.

The pupils will be tested subsequent to each school year to enable a decision to be made to whether they should remain in a special school or whether they can return to the standard school form.

Possible school leaving certificates:

  • School leaving certificate for special schools (After successfully completing the 9th year).
  • School leaving certificate for special schools (After successfully completing the 10th year).
  • Lower secondary leaving certificate (After completing the 10th year with specific grades).

The school for mentally handicapped children

Pupils who are not able to visit standard schools due to their intellectual impairment are able to visit schools for the mentally handicapped. The pedagogic work is adapted to the individual requirements of the pupils thus enabling them to cope with school and general life.

Depending on the level of support, training measures for protected places of work are carried out to prepare the pupils for occupational life.

The school for children with speech defects

The objective of the lessons is to successfully prepare pupils with speech defects for their return to standard schools as quickly as possible.
The school of speech therapy includes the primary stage (1st to 4th years) and if necessary the 5th and 6th secondary years. During the primary years the objective is to effectively reduce the pupils’ complex problems with use of especially trained special-school teachers whilst in a pleasant learning atmosphere.

Individual test are carried out to discover whether the child is suffering from a speech defect and whether it is capable of visiting a standard primary school.

Schools will provide detailed information.

School with compensating classes

Pupils and children ready for school who are having difficulties with their mental development are able to visit schools with compensating classes. Entrance is possible in cooperation with educational psychologists and education authorities. Subsequent to the problem being reduced it is possible to carry on education in a standard school up to upper secondary level.