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Vocational Schools

The vocational school as a compulsory school not only provides general education, but also specific vocational training such as the necessary theoretical basic and specialist education.

Lessons for pupils in apprenticeships (Dual training) are carried out as block models parallel to company training on a part time basis.

The duration of training depends on the training regulations in force for the respective occupation. In general the training is divided into the elementary stage (1st year) and the subsequent specialising stage.

The Preparatory Training Year

The preparatory training year provides pupils with general and subject related course contents, thereby taking the requirements of a profession into consideration, thus preparing them for vocational training.

The preparatory training year accepts those requiring vocational preparation. These are pupils who have completed schooling for those with learning difficulties or have a minimum of nine years education, and, pupils who after nine years of secondary or comprehensive schooling have not achieved the goals of the eighth year.

The Year of Basic Vocational Training

The year of basic vocational training lasts for a period of one year. The objective of this year as general vocational education, is to provide the pupil with general (Occupational field overlapping) and subject related theoretical and practical course contents covering the occupational field.

Pupils accepted for the year of basic vocational training are those who have decided on which occupation they would like to carry out and have also obtained a lower secondary leaving certificate or equivalent educational qualifications.

The Vocational School

The vocational schools differ as follows:

  • The entrance requirements (School leaving qualifications)
  • The duration (One or a number of years)
  • The training/field of study 
  • The qualification to be acquired (Lower secondary education, vocational qualifications).

In general vocational schools are run as full time schools. Depending on the choice of field of study it is possible that several weeks industrial training may be part of the vocational training.

The Specialised Technical School

The specialised technical school provides experienced skilled personnel with the qualification to take on tasks in an average functional area whereby to cope with such tasks one requires higher level qualifications. The specialised technical school offers intensified further vocational education. Further educational qualifications are possible.

The Specialised Upper Secondary School

The specialised upper secondary school offers further general education and provides vocationally oriented lessons in specific fields of studies. The school is run as a one year (12th year) or two year (11th and 12th year) specialised upper secondary school.

Entrance Requirements for the Specialised Upper Secondary School

The entrance requirement for the 11th year is an intermediate leaving certificate from an intermediate secondary school. Practical education is carried out on four days a week during the 11th year, whereby part of this is carried out in facilities outside of school. The 12th year accepts those who apart from having intermediate secondary school qualifications, also have proof of completing at least a two year apprenticeship.

On successfully passing the final examination one will have acquired the “Certificate of Aptitude for Specialised Higher Education”.

The Specialised Grammar School

The specialised grammar school offers intensified general and vocational education in specific fields of studies. The specialised grammar school concludes with the advanced level examination.